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New Web Scraping Training Calendar available in Help Center.

March 05, 2019

Over the past few months, we’ve been developing a new training program that covers all the basics and best practices involved with using Mozenda’s web scraping software. The calendar will display all scheduled training events. We will begin with our new Beginner's Standard Training Program, which is a five-part-event webinar

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Mozenda Web Scraping Software Year in Review

January 23, 2019

What. A. Year. It. Was. 2018 will be remembered as the year everything changed.  Not just a “Who Moved My Cheese” kind of change, but the turn it upside down and shake it around kind of change. From org charts to core technology, we leaped forward implementing changes that helped

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Mozenda Automated Web Scraping Is Key To E-commerce Success

November 08, 2018

    Mozenda + XT Outfitters I met Paul Barker for the first time early this year and we spent some time discussing his experience with Mozenda and how important automated web scraped data is to his thriving eCommerce business. I was blown away by what Paul has created

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Notify Actions (Video) New Feature

November 02, 2018

 Get data faster and track websites more efficiently with Notify Actions, our newest feature. Notify Actions allows for real time interaction with Mozenda's web scraping Agents by monitoring changes, pushing data into other systems or receiving notifications about your data. Who needs Notify Actions? Anyone who needs to: Expedite

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How AMSOIL Grows Online & Offline With Mozenda Data Scraping Software.

August 15, 2018

We love speaking with Mozenda customers about how they’re using our technology to hunt for data and answer important questions at their organizations. Whatever their use case, whether a BD, sales, marketing, strategic planning or analytical problem or opportunity, it’s also fascinating to have detailed real-world feedback. Today, our feedback

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Access and Scrape More Data With Cookie Stores

December 27, 2017

Mozenda is always working to bring you greater access to the ever-expanding internet. To deliver on that promise, we are excited to announce our latest feature: Cookie Stores. With this new feature, all accounts can now save cookie sessions to enable easier access to the data you want to collect.

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Compare Data Changes Over Time & Move Agent Data

November 20, 2017

At Mozenda we appreciate and listen to the feedback you give to help our software better fulfill your needs. These updates focus on bringing you two highly requested features: Data Compare Copy/Move Agent Data These changes will significantly improve the management of your data. Let’s take a look at what

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Scraping Web Data Up To 500% Faster

November 06, 2017

 We are excited to announce an impressive new slate of updates to Mozenda. Building on important tools released in October, our update provides you with new features for Request Blocker and Job Sequencer to make your scraping experience even better. Coupled with a brand new tool, Run JavaScript Action, this

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Fastest Web Scraper Mozenda – 5X Faster Is Now Easier

October 27, 2017

New Features Announcement: 5X Faster Is Now Easier Our latest release will be here Friday, November 3. We’re launching several new features, and we want to make sure you have the need-to-know information on these upcoming performance updates. This Release’s New Features Request Blocker Version 2: Now you can get faster results

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Data Scraping 5X Faster With Job Sequencer & Request Blocker

October 09, 2017

We are excited to announce a new major features release. This release is focused on giving you greater usability when gathering your data and providing that data in a faster, more efficient way. How much faster? Up to 5X, and in some instances much faster. We are determined to continue

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Mozenda Web Data Extractor 5X Faster With Job Sequencer & Request Blocker

September 21, 2017

Our latest release will be here Friday, October 6—and it’s a big one, both in terms usability and speed! We’re launching several new features, and we want to make sure you have all the details on these upcoming performance updates. This Release’s New Features Job Sequencer: This powerful feature facilitates

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Mozenda: The Data Partner You Need (And Here’s Why)

September 14, 2017

You’ve got challenges. It’s a competitive world out there, and everyone is trying to get ahead. We know it, and our goal is to help you get the data you need to gain a competitive advantage. Thousands of companies, including over 30% of Fortune 500 companies, trust Mozenda’s web-scraping capabilities.

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New Features Release Description: Powerful data extraction tool

August 02, 2017

We are very excited to announce a significant new feature release. Though we originally thought it would be a relatively simple change, it has turned into one of our biggest releases in the last several years. We’ve made a lot of changes on our backend to improve the results you

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