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Which Mozenda is Right For You?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Whatever your data extraction and web automation needs, we can work with your resources, technical capabilities, privacy requirements, network restrictions and budget. We’ll help you get the data you need while providing Customer Support and Account Management you’ll love.

  • Cloud-Hosted Software

    • You need someone who will learn how to use Mozenda to create Agents.

    • Download Agent Building software to your PC. Create your Agents (with our help).

    • Scraping of target sites is done by Mozenda‘s servers.

    • Retrievable via API, publishing or direct download.

    • PC using Windows or Bootcamp for Mac.

    Works like a charm and is a pleasure to use. Doesn’t have the steep learning curve of other web scrapers.

    Michael Miller

    Dir. of Marketing

    Providence Medical
    Technology, Inc.

  • On-Premise Software

    • You need someone who will learn how to use Mozenda to create Agents. You also need a System Administrator to manage your Mozenda installation.

    • Work with our Operations Team to locally install Mozenda in your data center.

    • Scraping of target sites is done by your hardware.

    • Retrievable through your servers.

    • Depends on your needs. Contact us to start a conversation.

    A robust platform that scrapes the web better than anyone else I‘ve seen.

    Aaron Pace

    Assistant Manager

    RJ Schinner

  • Managed Services

    • We are your humans. We do everything after confirming the data you need from your target sites.

    • Your Mozenda Account Manager is responsible for web content harvesting Agent creation.

    • Mozenda scrapes target sites for you and manages deliverables.

    • Scraped data published directly to you.

    • None.

    I recommend Mozenda to anyone who doesn‘t have the time or skill to do it themselves.

    Dave Charbonneau


    Azimuth Solutions

Your Best Option

Still unsure which Mozenda is right for you? Our recommendations for common scenarios:



You’re currently scraping data and dreaming about more efficient software
Cloud, On-Premise
You have internal resources willing to learn how to use Mozenda
Cloud, On-Premise
You want to bring your data scraping in-house
Cloud, On-Premise
You need to scrape or automate processes within an internal network
Your target data resides behind private logins in an Intranet
You must account for privacy requirements (HIPAA, etc.)
You're responsible for data analysis—not collection
Managed Services
You don’t have anyone willing to learn our Agent Builder software
Managed Services
You want a regular data feed (delivered by Mozenda)
Managed Services
Your project is one-time only
Managed Services
You need large-scale data collection
Cloud, On-Premise or Managed Services
Your recurring projects are complex or business-critical
Cloud, On-Premise or Managed Services

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