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Fastest Web Scraper Mozenda – 5X Faster Is Now Easier

October 27, 2017

New Features Announcement: 5X Faster Is Now Easier

Our latest release will be here Friday, November 3. We’re launching several new features, and we want to make sure you have the need-to-know information on these upcoming performance updates.

This Release’s New Features

  • Request Blocker Version 2: Now you can get faster results with less prep work.
  • Job Sequencer Version 2: Customize your automated sequences even more.
  • Run JavaScript Action: Inject JavaScript to transform how a web page performs.

 Request Blocker Version 2

We’ve just made your life even easier. With the release of the Request Blocker last month, many of our clients have experienced increased performance and speed (up to 200-800%) by blocking requests unrelated to the data you care to extract like videos, images, ads, social media, etc. Now, you can have these sizable performance gains with just the click of a button.

 Job Sequencer Version 2

With this new release we are continuing to provide you the Job Sequencer functionality we’ve been perfecting internally for years. This method has proven to be the best way to scrape for large, complicated projects. Building upon the Job Sequencer release last month, these three key updates—delete view items, update field value, and run a sequence—remove roadblocks to efficiency. Kenny Nielsen, an Account Manager in Mozenda’s Professional Services department said, “Mozenda gives you the keys to the car and Job Sequencer is cruise control. These new sequencer features make it adaptive cruise control.”

 Run JavaScript Action

You can now insert JavaScript into webpages to bend the target site to a format easily workable within the Mozenda agent. Sometimes this is the only way to get the data needed from a site with broken JavaScript. This new feature has very open-ended possibilities and could save the day in very specific situations.

Chris Curtis said, “It’s an enabling feature that opens doors and paths to things you just couldn’t do before. With ability to inject JavaScript into webpages you can completely transform how a website performs. There’s no better—and sometimes no other possible way—to do it.”

fastest web scraper Chris Curtis

 Demo Webinar Signup

We’ll also host a live training webinar on Thursday, November 9 at 11 AM Mountain Time. Space is limited so save your seat right away. Be sure to forward this message on to your coworkers and colleagues who also use Mozenda to make sure they’re up to date on the new features as well! See you there!

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