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Publishing Data to Dropbox Now Available

July 28, 2016

Joining our list of publishing options, Mozenda users can now send agent or collection data directly to a specific folder on a Dropbox account. This new feature will make it easy for high-activity accounts to manage a workflow using this popular platform.


To get started, a Dropbox account must be linked to your Mozenda account. You can start the linking process either from the Publish Data window or the Connectors section on the account summary page. You will be prompted to enter your Dropbox account email and password and authorize Mozenda.


Once a Dropbox account is linked, publishing to Dropbox is available for any agent or collection. Simply configure the usual publishing settings, specify the folder you wish to publish to, and save.

dropbox3 Publishing Data

Once an agent or collection is configured to publish to Dropbox, it will display a small Dropbox icon in the configuration column.

Click here for our help article on setting up Dropbox publishing with your Mozenda account.

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