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Marketing Agency Creates Persona and Targeting with Web Data

Data Extraction Case Study


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The Problem:
Lengthy discovery process to understand markets and target customers.

The Solution:
Mozenda helps Aimclear gather data to generate a holistic view of a persona, put it into a central repository and start tailoring specific messages for that audience. By merging social-psychographic data and search personas, Aimclear can improve omnichannel traffic targeting for their clients.


Over more than a decade, Aimclear has developed a sterling reputation for its audience targeting and customer acquisition expertise. The Duluth, MN digital marketing agency specializes in creating search personas and aggregating social-psychographic data it uses to develop campaigns that target, track, and convert profitable audience segments for its customers. For more than six years, Mozenda has been a key tool for introducing the right people to the right messages, according to Aimclear CMO Manny Rivas.

“We’ve been using Mozenda for many years to gather the data we aggregate to identify and understand audiences we then target with laser focussed acquisition campaigns.”

Aimclear uses Mozenda for:

  • audience targeting
  • customer acquisition
  • lead generation
  • customer insights


How Data Improves Targeting and Campaign Success

Before creating digital ad campaigns for customers, Aimclear invests in a lengthy discovery process to understand markets and target customers. The process starts with building personas based on parameters such as education, interests, job titles, professional qualifications and certifications, publications, blogs read, and events attended.

“Mozenda helps us gather all of this information and data to generate a holistic view of a persona, put it into a central repository and start tailoring specific messages for that audience. By merging social-psychographic data and search personas, we can improve omnichannel traffic targeting for our clients.”

When Aimclear, for example, needs to understand trade shows specific to a certain job title or industry, it finds lists and creates a Mozenda web scraping agent to pull the data into a spreadsheet. Staff then analyze Facebook or LinkedIn inventory and their audience numbers. Rivas says that being able to aggregate disparate data into exportable spreadsheets helps Aimclear easily explore themes and aggregate promising URLs instead of allowing AdWords to identify them for his teams.

“Collecting all this data helps us understand the lay of the land for advertising. We show our clients audience buckets comprised of all these characteristics and how people fit specific criteria.”

Other Mozenda Use Cases at Aimclear

In addition to using Mozenda for persona development, Aimclear creates Mozenda web scraping agents for a variety of other data gathering needs:

  • Identifying web pages on certain topics or content that Aimclear believes will deliver advertising ROI for client campaigns
  • Researching content for infographic projects
  • Understanding how content is moving in certain ways and in specific areas of the Internet
  • Monitoring what content publishers are doing and the content they’re distributing

Harvesting Data From The Planet’s Largest Database

A huge amount of valuable data awaits smart marketers if they know where to look online. The challenge for companies and agencies like Aimclear is to efficiently gather it and make it useful for marketing purposes.

“I want our staff here analyzing data—not gathering it. Mozenda is great for gathering structured and unstructured data very efficiently, and enables us as an agency to replicate the efforts of hundreds of people and put this output into one marketer’s hands.”

The Predictive Upside of the Right Data

“Mozenda helps us collect both first and third-party data in an automated fashion. It’s a time-savings tool that works better than any individual could perform in the same amount of time. More importantly, it frees up my staff to level up and do their job better, such as being more aggressive in advertising options. Just one example: if we know that when it snows, one of our clients will see an uptick in tire sales, we can plug into that weather API and make bidding decisions off the information.”

The Final Word from the Chief Marketing Officer

By helping Aimclear improve audience identification, segmentation and targeting, Mozenda data has raised the conversion of traffic delivered to its customers’ properties. And because of that, it’s been able to flourish far away from the coastal epicenters of the technology industry.

“Mozenda is unique and has its own well-earned space in our martech stack. I haven’t found anything in the market that does it quite like they do and in such a user-friendly way, which is critical because most marketers are not software developers. It allows everyone on our staff, regardless of technical ability, to go in and create [web scraping] agents.”

Over the Horizon

Looking forward, Rivas imagines a not-too-distant future where he’ll be able to plug into public sources and continually extract web data that helps Aimclear become even more competitive and performant in advertising, as well as take advantage of time-sensitive and transient opportunities the agency might otherwise miss. Until then, he’s thankful for access to a valuable tool he considers a Swiss Army knife that every digital marketer should use.

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