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Our Goal: Provide the best web data extraction and automation
solutions available on the planet.

A Company of Industry Firsts

We transform web pages into actionable intelligence that provides our customers a competitive advantage so they can know, sell and grow more. While the web has changed a lot since 2007, our focus hasn‘t.



  1. InfoSquire founded to offer Managed Data Services

  2. Total cost of ownership guarantee

    Created dependable costing for customers

  3. Rebranded as Mozenda Telephone-based customer support

    Expanded access to on-demand help

  4. Point-and-click SaaS Cloud platform - Free trial concept

    The ability to scrape web data without the need to write scripts or hire developers

  5. Refining captured text

    Improved accuracy of collected data

  6. Combining data from multiple sources

    Saved time by automating lengthy admin task

  7. Availability of technical consulting and training

    Expanded knowledge and implementation of best practices

  8. Capturing name/value pairs & tables

    Made capturing data in tables from multiple pages faster and easier

  9. Agent groups & templates

    Increased efficiency of managing multiple Agents at one time

  10. Money-Back Guarantee introduced

    Elimination of risk

  11. Geolocation, job sequencing & request blocking

    Increased processing speed & efficiency by up to 5X

Our People, Our Culture, Our Company

We believe in the Golden Rule, from providing opportunities for interns to supporting customers.

We encourage uniqueness across the org chart.

We think smart, balanced people build and deliver better products and services.

We‘re big on family.
HUGE really.

We’re always looking for people who‘ll bring an “I’ll find a way” enthusiasm to our team. If you‘re passionate, driven, and want to make a difference, please contact us. In the “comments” section state that you are interested in employment.

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