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Notify Actions (Video) New Feature

November 02, 2018

Get data faster and track websites more efficiently with Notify Actions, our newest feature.

Notify Actions allows for real time interaction with Mozenda’s web scraping Agents by monitoring changes, pushing data into other systems or receiving notifications about your data.

Who needs Notify Actions?

Anyone who needs to:

  • Expedite delivery of time-sensitive data
  • Monitor website changes in real-time
  • Interact with active web scraping Agents
  • Troubleshoot complex websites
  • Directly push data into their system
  • And more

What is included in the Notify Actions Feature Set?

  1. Notify Email: Immediately send a data item directly to your inbox or smartphone.
  2. Notify URL: Allow your web application to directly consume real-time data items.
  3. Wait for User Interaction (Notify + Wait For Actions): Command a Job to wait for a provided directive.
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