Web Scraping Services - 1/3 of fortune 500 companies trust Mozenda.

Put your web data extraction
strategy on autopilot.

Give us the websites. Tell us which data you need. Test the reclining
angle of your office chair.

We have the experience to deliver the data you need.

Thousands of customers, tens of thousands of agents, and billions of web pages scraped since 2007. We know how to get exactly what you want because we’ve already likely visited the site. With us, you get “ten years of world-class data extraction” expertise.

Enterprise Ready and Ready to Scale

  • Our Done-Right Promise

    From building, maintaining, and delivering your data project, we will do it right.

  • No Learning Curve

    With Mozenda’s web scraping services, there‘s no implementation process.

  • Do What You Do Best

    Outsourcing data extraction to us ensures we can both focus on our core skills.

  • Personnel Risk is History

    Your scraping expert was promoted or transferred? Don’t sweat it.

Ask about cost-effective offshore centers of excellence for large scale projects.

We Do Data Harvesting For You

Tell us what data you want and we’ll give you all the accurate aggregated data you can handle. No fuss on your end. No need to learn the software. We’re already pro’s.

We Do Data Wrangling For You

You have the data, now what? Let us do the data preparation for you. After we clean up your raw data, you can start solving the big problems instead of cleaning up data.

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