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Mozenda Web Data Extractor 5X Faster With Job Sequencer & Request Blocker

September 21, 2017

Our latest release will be here Friday, October 6—and it’s a big one, both in terms usability and speed! We’re launching several new features, and we want to make sure you have all the details on these upcoming performance updates.

web data extractor

This Release’s New Features

  • Job Sequencer: This powerful feature facilitates gathering large amounts of data with minimal user intervention.
  • Request Blocker: This new feature speeds up agent processing by up to 5X.
  • Publishing & Exporting Updates: With these new features you can publish to Google Drive and export to Excel.

“This is a major release that’s been perfected over the last few years in our Managed Data Services department to provide timely web data to the world’s largest companies. Now we have the pleasure of rolling it out to all Mozenda enterprise clients. Used in tandem, we’ve seen the Job Sequencer and Request Blocking features increase the speed of data collection by a factor of 5X. These features also help to overcome and automate the time-consuming tasks related to scheduling jobs, managing errors, and publishing data. There is no other technology like this in our space. This will be a game changer for our high-volume clients. I hope every Mozenda user joins our webinar or watches a demo to see what is possible. I think they will be blown away.” web data extractor

Job Sequencer

This update is about giving the gift of time by making each scrape faster and reducing the amount of touches you have during the process. You’ll gain the tools to arrange common operational steps, such as running agents and publishing data, into an automated process that makes getting your data more efficient. This new feature makes it possible for agents that use data lists as inputs to run with multiple concurrent jobs, gathering the data faster and more reliably. You will also be able to decide in advance how specific types of errors (timing, website, proxy issues) are handled. As it focuses on simplifying the gathering of large amounts of data, the Sequences feature is only available to our enterprise clients. Please contact your sales representative at +1 (801) 995-4550 or for more information about enabling it on your account.

Request Blocker

This update is at the core of our ongoing goal to help you get the most useful data in the fastest way possible. Now you can specify with greater detail which HTTP requests Mozenda allows websites to make. This enables you to customize your agents to only request information needed for the agent to successfully load and gather your data, streamlining the process for each of your scrapes and increasing efficiency by as much as 5X. Examples of types of requests you may want to block include ad servers, styling (css), media (videos, music), images, analytics, and social media.

Publishing & Exporting

We also have a couple of feature updates to the publishing and exporting functions. You can now:

  • Publish to Google Drive – Find it as a new button in the publishing options.
  • Export to Excel – Specify Excel as the file format to be exported and published.

Webinar Tutorial Invitation

Mozenda Webinar We’ll also be hosting a live webinar demonstration of these features on Thursday, October 12 at 11 AM Mountain time. Space is limited so reserve your seat today.


How will this release impact Accounts? No impact. New enhancements and features are backwards compatible. How do I enable the new features being released? New descriptive icons will appear in the Agent Builder and Web Console where you will be able to access these new features and updates.

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