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Mozenda’s Cloud-Hosted Web Scraper Solution.

Say goodbye to hiring an entire development team to write scripts and manage code. 

What our customers have to say about Mozenda’s Cloud-Hosted Software.

  • It doesn’t have the steep learning curve of other web scraper tools.

    Michael Miller
    Director of Marketing

    Providence Medical Technology

  • This thing rocks!
    It's blindingly fast.
    Nice, nice work!

    Kip Meacham
    VP of Marketing

    Card Access

  • The Sequencer is working great. Our two biggest agents are now running permanently on Sequencers.

    Mathias Magnusson


Powerful Software Features

Since 2007, our mission has been to help you get the data you need regardless of site complexity. Our technical features list after 10+ years of innovation is long. Here are a few of our best features:

  • Web Scraping Software
    Simultaneous Processing

    Mozenda’s harvesting servers split list-based tasks into multiple threads for faster processing.

  • Notifications

    Receive email alerts when agents run successfully.

  • Premium Harvesting

    Scrape websites through different geographical locations. This is useful for websites that serve region-specific data.

  • Templates

    Use templates to build agents faster and gather the data you need in the correct format.

  • API Access

    Control your agents and data collections without manually accessing the Web Console.

  • Agent Grouping

    Group agents into shared settings, publishing, scheduling and notification settings.

  • Folders

    Group agents according to shared characteristics such as purpose or domain.

  • Job Sequencer

    Arrange common operational steps such as running agents and publishing data into an automated process for ultimate efficiency.

  • Request Blocking

    Achieve sizable performance gains by blocking unnecessary domain requests that a website might have.

  • 5 Star Customer Support

    From on-boarding to initial training, agent building and data publishing, Mozenda Support is there for you. Even trial accounts get free phone and email support.

  • Point-and-Click Simplicity

    Anyone can use our point-and-click interface to create web scraping agents in minutes. For more complicated websites, we’ll guide you through simple XPath procedures or if you’re a developer, extract data as specifically as you want.

  • Scraping up to 5x Faster

    Use our Job Sequencer and Request Blocking features to harvest web data faster than any other web scraping software.

  • 30-Day Money Back

    If you can’t get the data you need using Mozenda’s data scraper tools, you’ll receive a full refund (all plans) within 30 days of signup.


The Internet is full of repetitive and predictable tasks. Fortunately, we can automate them. We’d love to show you how Mozenda completes tasks that a human would normally do, saving you the usual – time, money and sanity. The possibilities are endless. How would your life change if you could have our software do these for you?

  • Shopping cart & lead form validation
  • Website quality assurance testing
  • Mimicking web browser functions

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