Mozenda Automated Web Scraping Is Key To E-commerce Success

Mozenda Automated Web Scraping Is Key To E-commerce Success

November 08, 2018


Automated web scraping


Mozenda + XT Outfitters

I met Paul Barker for the first time early this year and we spent some time discussing his experience with Mozenda and how important automated web scraped data is to his thriving eCommerce business.

I was blown away by what Paul has created over the years to become a leading eCommerce powerhouse in his niche by pursuing his passion for outdoor recreational sports.

It was also humbling to know that Mozenda plays a key part in the success of his business. So, I asked if he would be willing to tell his story on camera and he graciously agreed.

Paul Barker started XT Outfitters in 2004 because he couldn’t find any dedicated skimboard shops. With a computer science background, he was able to handle most of the technical challenges of growing his site. Drop shipping and clever merchandising helped him survive the early years, after which he started expanding into complementary verticals such as skate and snowboarding. Fast forward fifteen years and XT Outfitters has become a high-profile retailer of boardsports and a recent entrant into complementary outdoor categories such as climbing and camping.

I believe the story of Paul Barker, and his brand XT Outfitters, is a great success story and one that every online retailer who desires to succeed needs to hear.


Read the XT Outfitters Case Study Here


Mike Alvarez

Marketing Director



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