Download an Agent’s Data to Your Desktop

April 15, 2016

Once your agent has extracted data, you can download it directly to your computer as a CSV, TSV, or XML file. Follow these steps to download your captured data.


    1. Open an agent in the Web Console.

    2. Open the Tools ? menu.

    3. Click Export.

    4. (Optional) If you have multiple views, you can choose which one to apply to the data before downloading. Creating a sort or filter on an agent’s collection is called a view. Learn more about views in this help article: Sort or Filter an Agent’s Collection.

    5. Choose the file format (CSV, TSV, or XML).

    6. Click Download.


If you want an agent to automatically send data to you instead of downloading each time, you can schedule the agent to publish its data to an email address, FTP server, or Amazon S3 account.

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