Sort or Filter an Agent’s Collection

March 15, 2016

Large amounts of data can be difficult to manage without a system for filtering or sorting. Follow these steps to keep your data results under control.


    1. Open the agent in the Web Console.

    2. Click the Manage Views button. A view controls how data is presented. By default, everything collected by an agent is shown, but we can create a new view to filter the displayed results.

    3. Click Create a new view.

    4. Give the view a name.

    5. Check the boxes next to the fields you want to be included in the new view.

    6. Drag the fields into the order in which you want to them to appear in the collection.

    7. Click the Criteria tab.

    8. Choose a field to use in your criteria. You can use any field captured by this agent, even if you did not check that field in the Column Headings tab in step 5.

    9. Choose the appropriate criteria type to use. The criteria types listed in the dropdown will depend on the type of data contained in the field you selected (such as number, date, etc.).

    10. Enter a value.

    11. Click Add.

    12. Click the Sorting tab.

    13. Choose the field you want to use to sort the data.

    14. Choose a sort order.

    15. Click Save.

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