Publish Web Harvested Data to Amazon S3

January 12, 2016

If you’re using Amazon Web Services for storage and deployment, you can follow these steps to publish data collected by an agent to an Amazon S3 bucket.
    1. Open the agent in the Web Console.

    2. Open the Tools ? menu.

    3. Click Publishing.

    4. Click Amazon.

    5. Choose an option under What to include in the file. This drop-down shows the different views available for this agent; if you don’t know which one to choose, select the All Items option.

    6. Choose the file type you want to publish. Your choices are .csv, .tsv, or .xml.

    7. Choose when you want the data to be published. 

    8. Enter the (1) Access key ID, (2) Secret access key, (3) Bucket, and (4) Region.

    9. Click Test Amazon Settings to test the connection.

    10. Click Save.

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