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New Feature: Request Blocker 3.0 (Video)

October 27, 2018

The new Request Blocker 3.0 feature allows you to customize your Navigation Auto-Request Blocking in four different levels for faster and more automated scraping usability.

Who needs Request Blocker 3.0 features?

Anyone who needs to:

    • Harvest data from websites with heavy content requests
    • Run agents faster
  • Cut time from manually blocking requests
  • Block CSS content
  • Block event-driven content
  • And more

What is included in the Request Blocker 3.0 feature set?

The Request Blocker 3.0 includes 4 different levels of Auto Request Blocking.

Level 1: Standard
Level 2: Third party
Level 3: Event driven
Level 4: One request

For example, the quickest way to get from point A to point B is in a straight line. The same principle applies to web data extraction. If you can just extract the data you seek, without loading all the unnecessary extras like advertisements, images, media files, analytics, CSS, etc. then it makes sense that your web scraping Agents will extract data at a much faster pace. The image below will help you visualize exactly what is included in the Request Blocker 3.0 and why it will help your Agents run faster.

Without Request Blocking

With Request Blocking

Request blocker

Where are the Request Blocker 3.0 features located?

The Request Blocker 3.0 features can be accessed from the Web Console and the Agent Builder. Follow the steps in this Help Article to learn where the Request Blocker 3.0 feature is.

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