Notify Actions

November 04, 2018

Get data faster and track websites more efficiently with Notify Actions, our newest feature.

Notify Actions allows for real-time interaction with Mozenda’s web scraping Agents by monitoring changes, pushing data into other systems or receiving notifications about your data.

Who needs Notify Actions?

Anyone who needs to:

  • Expedite delivery of time-sensitive data
  • Monitor website changes in real-time
  • Interact with active web scraping Agents
  • Troubleshoot complex websites
  • Directly push data into their system
  • And more

What is included in the Notify Actions Feature Set?

  1. Notify Email: Immediately send a data item directly to your inbox or smartphone.
  2. Notify URL: Allow your web application to directly consume real-time data items.
  3. Wait for User Interaction (Notify + Wait For Actions): Command a Job to wait for a provided directive.

What can Notify Actions do?

There are many use cases for Notify Actions. Here are a few ideas.

Example 1: Expedite Data Delivery

Use Notify Actions to send key data as soon as it’s found to make intelligent and timely business decisions.

Example 2: Monitor Real-Time Website Changes

Once a web scraping Agent is designed to run frequently with advanced looping techniques, Notify Actions will provide real-time monitoring including:

  • a close eye on your competitor’s websites
  • stock market tracking
  • notifications when a limited supply product comes back in stock
  • and much more

Example 3: Interact with Active Web Scraping Agents

Here are a few ways to use the Notify Actions Feature Set to interact with active Agents:

  • Use the Wait for Job parameter to wait for user directive. The Job will then default to a two-minute timeout but can wait up to sixteen minutes.
  • Use Notify Email to submit a job parameter.
  • Use Notify URL to receive the Mozenda API Job Set Parameter call.

Example 4: Troubleshoot Complex Websites

  • Error Handle to a New Page to initiate a Notify Action
  • Contextual scraped data including a screenshot to be sent

Where is the Notify Actions Feature Set located?

The Notify Email and Notify URL actions can be added to your Agent Design using the Mozenda Agent Builder. Each time your agent encounters one of these Notify Actions, key information about the data currently being collected will be directly sent to you.

Notify Actions also become more useful when used with the Wait For Action feature; where the currently running job will wait until you provide the directive (job parameter) of how to proceed. There are two different ways you could do this depending on which Notify Action is used. Here are key basics on how Wait for User Interaction works so that your Jobs will march forward as you have directed:

  1. Send the data you need to evaluate to your email or web application
  2. Evaluate and provide what action must be taken

Which Mozenda account types have the Notify Actions feature set?

Professional & Enterprise accounts have access to these features. If you would like to upgrade your account type email

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