Welcome to the new Data Harvesting Mozenda

Welcome to the new Data Harvesting Mozenda

September 10, 2015

Welcome to the new Mozenda! We hope you like what we’ve done.

Over the last year we have made some significant changes at Mozenda. What you see on the new website is an external reflection of the internal changes we’ve been working on, including brand and logo updates, building a new harvesting system, and adding several innovative new product features.

It’s been been 8 years since we launched the website you see above (with subsequent revisions). At that time, we only had a couple hundred users and the term “big data” had not even been invented. The concept of BI (business intelligence) was just heating up with offerings from the likes of IBM, Splunk, and Tableau. Web 2.0 was in full swing, and two little companies called Tumblr and DropBox hit it big time. How time flies!

However, data—and the sheer amount of it that exists online—is the real story here. In the last 8 years, the web has gone from 100 million websites to over a billion, and current estimates measure total data in zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1 trillion gigabytes). The hot new acronym, IoT (the Internet of Things), refers to the fact that the internet is now everywhere and connected to everything. Nearly all data-driven apps are now in some way connected to the web or will be in the near future. Think of the last time you needed to know something or had a question—chances are you found the answer online. Likewise, businesses can now “find” new intelligence and information online that makes them smarter and more profitable.

At Mozenda, our vision is to enable customers to utilize the internet like a database and be able to capture, store, query, and analyze its content. We strive to make the acquisition of web data as simple and streamlined as possible; we do so with innovative product features and services capabilities. We see the web as a primary data source like a CRM, ERP, or transactional database whose data can be used in conjunction with corporate BI and Big Data applications. Over the next year, we anticipate doing significant integration work with many of these applications to enable better consumption and utilization of web data.

As you read through the pages of the new website, we hope that you will come to share our vision and passion for harvesting the potential of the web. We encourage you to stay up to date on all Mozenda developments by subscribing to our blog and checking the website frequently.


Brett Haskins – CEO

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