Web Console Improvements – Mozenda Data harvesting tool

Web Console Improvements – Mozenda Data harvesting tool

December 29, 2015

After months of work and hundreds of fixes and improvements, we’re pleased to present our improved Mozenda web console.

The updated web console has been available to our users for some time now, and we’d like to highlight some of the features we’re most excited to show you.

Consolidated Tool Menu


In previous versions of the console, many of the settings for each agent and collection were spread out across the page. These have been condensed into a single tool icon next to the name of the agent or collection, making it easier to adjust publishing settings, error handling, and more.

New Billing Tools

console2 Data Harvesting Tool

The billing area now includes the option to download invoices as PDFs. Click on a single invoice and retrieve a single file or select multiple billing periods for a compressed ZIP file that contains an individual PDF for each period from your selection.


We’ve also added the ability to view, search and export the aggregate page credit usage of agents from the billing area. Select multiple billing periods to see the results on the right, then click on the export button to download the results as a CSV, TSV or XML file. The results can also be narrowed down by the agent name using a search box.

Easily Combine Collections



The process of compiling data from existing collections into a new collection has been streamlined. It now takes just seconds to combine fields of data, even with different names (as demonstrated above) into a new collection to view and export important data sets. This can be done directly from the collections screen or by selecting multiple agents from the agent tab.

Layout Improvements


We have removed a lot of clutter from the console interface, making it easier to see your data. The most important columns are now frozen to the left of the page on the agent and collection pages, so you can more effectively browse and manage your workflow.

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