Intro to Mozenda Data Extraction Software

July 11, 2017

Data Extraction Software

We have the most robust and powerful tool in the marketplace for data extraction.

Think of Mozenda as a translator of complex languages from all over the world. Today there are over 1.2 billion websites that are maintained by individual developers. Some developers could be a massive team managing a website for a Fortune 500 company. Other developers could be small independent contractors working from home. Though websites all over the world may use a common structure, all developers write code in their own style.

So, imagine the web as having 1.2 billion language variations with each developer working in their own accent or with different words or structure.

Mozenda is so powerful that it has the ability to translate all of this information, from nearly any website, and provide you with the structured data set you need to make actionable business decisions.

Mozenda provides a solution whether you’re scraping a simple or complicated website. For those that are fairly straightforward and easier to scrape, Mozenda provides an easy, do-it-yourself licensed software solution. This works for most websites, allowing you to get the information you need without tying up a developer’s time. For websites that are more complicated, advanced features and tools are available. We can help you translate these more difficult sites–whether you just need more advanced capabilities or someone to show you how to get the information you need. We are here to help.

Our customer support staff is all in-house and free for all accounts, even trial customers. 

We care about your success. This is why we’ve hired a robust, smart, and friendly customer support and account management team to help when you need it every step of the way.

Websites change all the time. Mozenda helps you keep up.

Language is always evolving. New words, new slang terms, and even new accents are always being created. The web is no different. Websites are also manually and automatically updated every so often. Mozenda is smart enough to stop data scraping agents from running when a website change is made in the middle of your data collection job. This makes sure you’re still collecting the right data by allowing you to revisit the agent, make the necessary


We can also do it all for you with Managed Services.

With our Managed Service option, we do it all for you. There is no need for you to learn to use the Mozenda tool or set up and manage your web scraping agents. All you do is tell us what websites you need data from, what data you need, and when you want it delivered. Learn more about how we can get you the data you need at

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