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On-Site Mozenda Training Now Available

April 24, 2019

web scraping training

For years Mozenda has been implementing features and enhancements to our software that further solidify our platform as the most capable web scraping platform on the market. Just as we have evolved, so have our clients. We’re seeing more sophisticated use cases and larger scale projects that need to fully leverage Mozenda’s list of features.

This is why we are happy to announce a new on-site training option for you and your team that includes:

  • Training at your location – This is a specialized training held at your location where we tailor the agenda to you, your use case, and your employees level of expertise.
  • Training tailored around your use case – We use your own Mozenda web scraping agents to teach and reinforce key concepts in agent building as it relates to your needs and solution.

If you feel your team needs a jump-start, let’s hop on a quick call to talk about your training needs.

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