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An end to the data preparation headaches.

Let us harvest and prepare your raw data so you can do what you do best…
making big decisions.

We know the importance of clean data.

After spending the last ten years harvesting data for 1,000s of customers, we learned that the number one reason a data project fails is the lack of data preperation, aka “Wrangling”. Because most visual and statistical applications require highly structured data sets to produce the desired intelligence, we are now offering a service that delivers data in a fully indexed catalog format that is compatible with any data application.

Our Data Wrangling Process

Mozenda will convert your unstructured and semi-structured data into a highly structured, indexed, searchable catalog. This data catalog can be integrated with other business applications or allow for monetization through subscription services or publishing insights and reports directly to end users.

  • .csv
  • Network
  • Cloud
  • .xlsx
  • www
  • API
  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Data Feed Management
  • Data Wrangling & Entity Extraction
  • Data Unification & Matching
  • Data Enrichment & Sentiment Analysis
  • Catalog Publication
  • Sentiment
  • Statistics
  • Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Other

Better data. Better decisions. Better Monetization.

For a fraction of the cost of a Data Scientist, Mozenda will help you clean and prepare your data for its intended application. Now that’s a smart proposition!

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