Load the Next Page of a List Using Page Number Links

March 17, 2016

Scrolling through pages using the “next page” link doesn’t work on every website. Follow these steps to use page number links instead.
    1. Make sure you are on the first page of the list you want to click through.

    2. Click the number for page 2 in the list.

    3. Click Page List.

    4. Click No.

    5. Check for a More Page Numbers link. When you click on the next page’s link in the numbered list, do new page numbers show up at the end of the list, or does the list remain the same until a button is clicked that shows more page numbers?

    6. If there is a “More” link, click Assign More Link, and move on to step 7. If not, click Create Page List, and you’re done!

    7. Click the link that shows more page numbers.

    8. Click Save.

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