Introduction to DevTools in the Mozenda 7 Agent Builder

April 08, 2019

DevTools (web developer tools) are a suite of tools that allow greater exploration of the HTML of a website, the sources used on the site, any navigation requests involved with the page, and more. A greater description of the DevTools can be found here.

The DevTools will appear as a new window within the Mozenda 7 Agent Builder. It replaces the DOM window that appeared in the previous Agent Builder. To open the DevTools window, follow these steps:


      1. Open the Mozenda 7 Agent Builder.

      2. In the upper-left hand corner, click File, then Windows.

      3. In the dialog window that appears, check the DevTools box to open the DevTools Window.

      4. Click Save.


The DevTools window will now be open in the Agent Builder.

Keep in mind that DevTools is designed to help you test a page. Any XPath and JavaScript that you write will need to be included as an action in your agent in order for your agent to use them. While DevTools provide an extremely wide variety of functionality, here are some of the most valuable aspects that will help you with Agent Building:


  • Explore the HTML: In the DevTools window, the Elements panel will show you the entire HTML layout of the web page. You can right-click on any element on the webpage, choose Inspect, and you will be automatically taken to that element in the Elements panel HTML layout.


  • Practice XPath: While in the Elements panel of the DevTools, press Ctrl+F to open a text input box that allows you to practice XPath. You can copy the XPath of an element in the HTML by right-clicking the element in the Elements panel, selecting Copy, then Copy XPath.


  • Experiment with JavaScript: The Console panel will display messages that were outputted by the web page. Additionally, JavaScript can be written and tested here. You can use JavaScript here to directly interact with the web page. You will need to transfer any JavaScript written in the Console panel to a Run JavaScript action in order for it to take effect while an agent is running.

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