Data publishing to Excel or Google Drive

October 06, 2017

Before an agent can be configured to publish to Google Drive, you must first connect and authorize your Mozenda account with your Google Drive account. After linking your Mozenda account to your Google Drive account, you can configure any agent to publish to Google Drive.


Link a Mozenda Account to a Google Drive Account


    1. Open the Web Console in a browser.

    2. Go to the Account Settings.

    3. Scroll down and click “Link” in the Connectors section of the Account Summary.

    4. Sign in or select your account.

    5. Click Allow.

Configure an Agent to Publish to Google Drive


    1. Open the Web Console.

    2. Click on Agents in the top nav bar.

    3. Click to open an agent. 

    4. Click on the double gears icon and select Publishing Settings.

    5. Click on “Google” and fill out the required information.

    6. Use the View section is to choose what to include in the file.

    7. Select the file type you want to publish to Google Drive.

    8. Select when you want the data to be published.

    9. Enter the destination file within Google Drive where you would like the file saved.

    10. Click Save.

File Name
The file that is published to Google Drive is named with the following convention: [agent name][view][Date: yyyy-MM-dd]File Overwrite
If the same agent publishes to Google Drive multiple times on the same day, it will overwrite each time, resulting in only one file from that agent existing in Google Drive. You will still be able to access each individual publish file via the file history, where each version of the file from the same date is a separate publish.

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