How To Enable And Use Auto-Request Blocking

November 06, 2017

This new feature offers the ability to achieve sizeable performance gains—up to 5X, but depending on the site you’re scraping you may see lifts even greater than that. Ensure the navigation requests window and auto block features are activated in your Agent Builder by following these steps:

    1. Open the Agent Builder.

    2. Click File, then Settings in the top nav. 

    3. Check the box that says “Request Blocking“.

    4. When Request Blocking is enabled Mozenda will automatically recognize common requests that need to be blocked.

    5. You can view what Mozenda has selected to auto block by opening the Navigation Requests window, then toggling to Request Blocking on the right of the window. 

    6. The Request Blocking Expressions pop-up window will appear. You can choose to edit or mark as allowed any of these expressions as needed to build your agent.

    7. You can also enable and disable the auto-block feature by clicking on Auto-Block.

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