How do I compare data changes over time?

December 01, 2017

View in-line data changes between current and previously extracted data in one file. To activate this feature, you will need to already be storing item history. To activate “Store Item History”, go to your Harvesting Settings. Click the Behavior tab, and then click the checkbox next to “Store Item History.” You will also need to have at least one unique field set in order to track changes. Now, here is how you can compare data changes over time:


    1. Open the Web Console.

    2. Click Agents in the top nav bar. 

    3. Select the agent you wish to view.

    4. Verify that you are in the Most Recent Completed Run view in your “What Do You Want to Include” drop down.

    5. Next to “Show“, click on the yellow unequal icon.

    6. Once selected you can choose to either view or not view the change markups. Simply check or uncheck the box to change what you see.

    7. You can select the changed fields to see each individual change within the field as well as some job times information.

    8. You will now have the option to export your data with the change markups as well as your other set options.

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