Export Scraped Images or Files Collected by an Agent

March 15, 2016

This walkthrough assumes you have set up an agent to download images and have executed the agent successfully.

Export the images or files collected by an agent to a compressed file and download to your desktop.


    1. Open the agent in the Web Console.

    2. Open the Tools ? menu.

    3. Click Export.

    4. Click the Images & Files tab. Would you like to customize the way images and other files are named? Read how to Rename images or files using data from the collection here.

    5. Check the box next to the file package you want to download. Only one package can be downloaded at a time. If no packages are shown, click the Repackage button, wait a few minutes, then refresh the list.

    6. Click Download. The files will be downloaded to your computer in a compressed .zip format.

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