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Mozenda’s Cloud-Hosted
Web Harvesting Solution.

Say goodbye to hiring an entire development team to write scripts and manage code. With Mozenda, you will be successful.

  • I get a warm and fuzzy feeling working with Mozenda. I didn’t realize it was possible to love a software vendor.

    Kody Ihnat
    Developer/QA Analyst
  • Mozenda makes my life so much more efficient and organized. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time.

    Jeff Safovich
  • 5 Star Customer Support

    From on-boarding to initial training, agent building and data publishing, Mozenda Support is there for you. Even trial accounts get free phone and email support.

  • Point-and-Click Simplicity

    Anyone can use our point-and-click interface to create web scraping agents in minutes. For more complicated websites, we’ll guide you through simple XPath procedures or if you’re a developer, extract data as specifically as you want.

  • Scraping up to 5x Faster

    Use our Job Sequencer and Request Blocking features to harvest web data faster than any other web scraping software.

  • 30-Day Money Back

    If you can’t get the data you need using Mozenda, you’ll receive a full refund (all plans) within 30 days of signup.

A Decade of Web Scraping Innovation

Since 2007, our mission has been to help you get the data you need regardless of site complexity. Our technical features list after 10+ years of innovation is long. Some highlights:

  • Action Items

    Mozenda scraping is a series of actions performed on a page. This action list provides a comprehensive set of tools for scraping just about any web page.

  • Error Handling

    We include Error Handling to identify where agents fail and why.

  • Software Intelligence

    We built intelligence into the software so you can build your agents faster.

  • XPath Compatibility

    A super powerful feature, you can use XPaths to find the exact information you need on target sites.

  • Capture Data from Complex Table Formats

    Capturing data from dynamic tables or tables with complicated layouts is now easier and more accurate than ever.

  • Automatically Identify Data Lists

    We automatically detect lists and help build agents to collect data from multiple pages. Scraping sites with nested categories and complex page structures is simple.

  • Scrape Common Document Formats

    Extract data from Excel, Word and PDF files the same way you extract data from web pages. You can even combine data from both sources into a single data set.

  • Capture Name-Value Pair Lists

    We automatically detect names and associated values then build datasets with little configuration. Name-value pairings persisting across pages and categories are also captured.

  • Automation

    The Internet is full of repetitive and predictable tasks. Fortunately, we can automate them. The possibilities are endless.


Our Software; Your Choice

We offer scalable cloud-based and on-premise hosted solutions.


    Our Cloud-Hosted Solution

    includes a downloadable Windows PC application that is used to set up and test the web scraping Agents.


    Our On-Premise Solution

    is best for scraping data that’s internal or housed behind a login or Intranet, or if you’re subject to privacy regulations such as HIPAA.


The Internet is full of repetitive and predictable tasks. Fortunately, we can automate them. We’d love to show you how Mozenda completes tasks that a human would normally do, saving you the usual – time, money and sanity. The possibilities are endless. How would your life change if you could have our software do these for you?

  • Shopping cart & lead form validation
  • Website quality assurance testing
  • Mimicking web browser functions