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Web Scraping Use In Consultancy Industries – GOTSAFETY

May 28, 2020

Every day, every hour all over America new companies manufactures, 

factories are open and millions of people work in them in different conditions. 

Even though with today’s technology and safety precautions most companies find it hard or don’t have the experience and knowledge to apply safety regulations here enters GotSafety.

Founded by OSHA experts, GotSafety is a full-service OSHA compliance and defense provider. In addition to expert citation defense, GotSafety offers comprehensive safety documentation, on-site inspections and training, 24/7 consulting, and cloud-based document hosting. 

GotSafety combines 25 years of experience with a modern, data-driven approach. The GotSafety team uses web scraping to facilitate their main competitive advantage – responding fast to the clients who need them most. 

GotSafety uses Mozenda to:

  • Increase speed and efficiency

Mozenda web scraping software allows GotSafety to automate tedious and time-intensive research tasks, keeping the staff focused on client needs. In addition to saving man-hours, automation eliminates data entry mistakes, keeping data sets clean and precise. 

  • Extract client lists

GotSafety uses Mozenda to pull client records at volume. The staff uses this information to maintain records and ensure that new client cases get the attention they require. 

  • Generate leads

Mozenda as the most scalable data extraction tool also helps us in leads generation where we can collect contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers of our customers so we can be at their help immediately 

The simplicity of Mozend enables the GotSafety staff to tackle data extraction projects in-house without having to rely on web developers. Enabled through Mozenda’s training webinars and dedicated support, this way we make sure every client can use the software for themselves at a professional level. Mozenda’s webinars and video tutorials also give dedicated support to give the solution to every client and to any case in record time.




Safety consultancy firms every day are drifting away from the traditional business model that they have been following for decades by using the power of the web.

The web offers a lot of new possibilities from online training to online applications and case registering all of this means data and Mozenda makes sure that this data is extracted in the best way possible.

With Mozenda, GotSafety utilizes the power of the web to make smart, timely, and data-driven decisions. GotSafety remains a leader in the safety consulting industry by making intelligent business decisions based on data.

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