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Publish Extracted Data to Microsoft Azure

May 04, 2016


Along with our existing publishing options for email, FTP, and Amazon S3, Mozenda users can now publish extracted data directly to Microsoft Azure. This feature will enable users to publish data directly to Microsoft’s popular cloud computing service, which supports a broad range of applications and is used by many major enterprises as a customizable, scalable infrastructure.

In order to get started with publishing to Azure, you will find a new option under the publishing settings of your agents and collections. (If you don’t see this right away, you may need to log out of your Mozenda account and log back in.)

As shown in the image below, three settings are required in order to publish: Storage Account Name, Access Key 1, and the name of your Blob Container.

Publish Extracted data to Microsoft Azure

For step-by-step instructions on gathering this information and publishing to Azure, please refer to our help article.

If you have any questions about using this new feature, contact our support team at or +1.801.995.4550, option 2.

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