Product Updates May-June 2024 - Mozenda

Product Updates May-June 2024

June 07, 2024

  • Notify Feature: Receive alerts whenever an agent extracts a different number of results than the standard amount, ensuring you stay informed about any difference in data extraction






  • Enhanced Publishing Paths: Utilize system parameters not just in filenames but also in the full publishing paths of your publishing steps. This improvement allows greater flexibility and precision in defining where your data is saved.
  • Job Utilization Dashboard: Monitor concurrent job usage by job type with our new feature. View job concurrency over time and see average utilization by job type and status. Easily track how much concurrency your account or department is using.
  • Chromium: Regularly updated agents with the latest Chromium version upon each new release.
  • More information on latest releases can be found in our documentation page under Release Notes in the Mozenda website here.

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