New Fields Window in Agent Builder – Data collection

New Fields Window in Agent Builder – Data collection

June 10, 2016

The Mozenda Agent Builder now allows you to display a Fields window that summarizes the fields captured as the agent is processed. This feature makes it easier to keep track of the data that is being collected by an agent as it is being built or modified, and provides an over/publish-data-dropbox/view of the results.


As shown in the above image, each field name is shown next to an icon that indicates the type of data that is being captured, including date/time, number, file, text, and URL.

This new window also allows you to edit field names by clicking on the icon next to the name. Changes to the field name will synchronize instantly between the capture actions and Fields window. The ability to manage and edit fields in this simplified list will be more convenient and faster than editing each individual list action.


Clicking on a field name in this window will automatically navigate to the page where that data is being captured and also highlight the results in the Captured Text Preview window, making it easy to associate the structure of your agent with the resulting data.


Along with the windows for XPaths, DOM, and other optional views, the Fields window can be easily enabled or disabled through the Agent Builder Settings dialogue.

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