HospitalCareers Uses Mozenda to Dominate Healthcare Recruiting

Hospital Careers Uses Mozenda to Dominate Healthcare Recruiting


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The Problem:
There’s a shortage of healthcare professionals in hospitals nationwide.

The Solution: is the largest healthcare recruiting network in the US, providing two principal services: Online job boards & recruiting services.


“There’s a shortage of healthcare professionals in hospitals nationwide.”

Thirteen years after his wife’s casual after-dinner observation, Brian Bauer combined the recruiting needs of the American healthcare system, Mozenda’s data scraping technology and long days into an entrepreneurial success called HospitalCareers.

The Beginning

By 2008, Brian Bauer had established himself as a marketing and advertising jack-of-all-trades matching nurses and therapists with healthcare clients in the midwest. His reputation for delivering cost-effective recruiting results caught the attention of the Minnesota Hospital Association, which approached him to develop and manage a statewide job board.

Bauer launched a website and began driving job seekers to it. Within six months of its launch, 85% of the statewide healthcare market in Minnesota was using it, with thousands of candidates, hospitals and clinics finding matches. As he continued to sign up individual clients, he knew that managing aggregation sites in other states was an obvious revenue multiplier. Balanced against this promise was the sobering fact that the back-end of his service was a heavily manual process of aggregating job openings. The larger the customer, the more repetitive admin work was required.

While he knew his extensive digital marketing experience could reliably drive traffic to aggregation sites, his service model fell short of being enjoyable for customers or highly scalable as a business.

“By the time we launched our third association partner, it was obvious that we needed to automate our processes. With over a thousand jobs they didn’t want to manually post, they asked us “’How can we get our jobs in your database and on the site?’ Online research introduced me to web scraping tools. I found four companies that looked interesting, tried everybody’s product and choose Mozenda because of their ability to scale. When I saw that it could automatically capture applicant tracking system (ATS) data, I just fell in love.”

What that love has produced is a hugely successful business in Knoxville, TN servicing more than 4,200 healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and 33 statewide healthcare associations.

The Business

HospitalCareers is the largest healthcare recruiting network in the US, providing two principal services:

  • Individual healthcare providers & systems: An automated and cost-effective way to promote their job openings online. Customers range from large systems like the Mayo Clinic and MaineHealth to small 25-bed critical access rural hospitals.
  • Statewide associations: A variety of recruiting services, notably operating job boards that aggregate openings from most, if not, all of the healthcare providers in that state.


The foundation is the most cost-effective healthcare recruiting solution in the country, which is marketed as a cost-effective time-saver for harried HR personnel.

“By automating almost every part of their sourcing process, we’ve also tried to eliminate every reason for them to say no to us. Based on the number of licensed beds in a hospital, our annual pricing is fixed. Volume is all-you-can-eat without capping usage, job postings, applicants or applications. ATS data scraping is automated. The type of ATS doesn’t matter. No internal involvement from HR is required. Programmatic advertising distributes jobs automatically to other sites. Candidates apply directly via the ATS. It really is a great story to deliver to prospects. All they need to do is properly track candidate flow and manage the resumes we send them.”


HospitalCareers’ efficiency comes mostly from Mozenda’s web scraping agents that scrape job openings from a client’s ATS so they can be automatically uploaded to a database. Of the roughly 28,000-30,000 hospital job listings available through the network, Bauer estimates that 75-80% come from Mozenda, which typically run three times a week. With some clients having thousands of concurrent openings, accuracy is paramount.

“It might sound a little too simple, but this technology just works. I really can’t stress enough how vital Mozenda is to our business. And whenever we need assistance with agents or something else, Mozenda’s customer support is incredibly responsive and helpful.”

Sales Pitch

Bauer notes that Mozenda is so integral that it merits its own PowerPoint slide during sales presentations to explain how the system’s efficiency will maximize their ad budgets.

“When we explain that our system will scrape all jobs directly from their ATS, ultimately source candidates for them and then send applicants to apply directly through their ATS, there’s a lot of excitement on the other side of the table.”


Mozenda has played a vital role in HospitalCareers’s economic health, saving Bauer from having to hire people to manage the data extraction process, enabling a fixed-price model, and reducing the company’s own cost of goods, a savings passed onto customers.

“Customers love working with us because they can concentrate on results rather than process, instead of living in the weeds of posting and promoting job ads. As we continue to develop HospitalCareers, I see us expanding into LinkedIn territory as the healthcare industry’s professional development resource. This will require new educational content and products, things I’ll definitely use Mozenda for.”

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