Web scraping case study - Consultancy Firm uses Mozenda

Environmental Consultants use the power of web data to streamline research and create a more sustainable future.


mozenda web scraping
  • Product:

  • Location:
    Washington, D.C.

  • Industry:
    Energy Research

The Challenge:
Cadeo’s team of consultants need a simple and efficient way to gather large volumes of data.

The Solution:
Cadeo relies on Mozenda’s web data platform to automate tedious research tasks and harvest data used to analyze campaign success.


With climate change becoming an increasingly salient issue, clean energy and sustainability are more important than ever. Organizations of every shape and size do their best to keep up with emergent technologies and ever-changing policies, and that can be challenging without expert guidance. Enter the Cadeo Group.

Through creative policy analysis, market research, and evaluation services, Cadeo’s talented team of contractors provide utility providers and public agencies the resources they need to achieve clean energy and sustainability goals.

Cadeo enables informed decision making through six key services: market characterization, engineering, data science, evaluation, technology assessment, and policy analysis.
The company has been in business for over 5 years and is growing rapidly thanks to a team driven by intellectual curiosity and smart solutions like web scraping.

Mozenda helps Cadeo collect large volumes of data used to evaluate the success of energy-saving programs. Web data collected by Mozenda is used to calculate energy savings, make recommendations to clients, and in some instances, guide the design of new programs from the ground up.

Use cases

Cadeo uses Mozenda to:

  • Retrieve reliable market research data.

“We deal with very complex issues, and our perceptions aren’t always right. To be effective as expert consultants, we have to put data at the heart of our analyses. Mozenda helps us bridge the gap between what we think we know, and what the data is actually telling us. Mozenda scrapes data from a number of websites that help us understand the market footprint in specific geographical areas. In most cases, that data is already aggregated online; all we need to do is harvest that data in a schema that helps inform our decisions.”

  • Improve speed & human capital savings:

“Mozenda web scraping software saves us a lot of manual hours which is vital for a growing company like ours.
Speeding up and automating processes not only saves person-hours but also eliminates human mistakes. This way we have very precise, structured, and non-error data.”

  • Extract full product lists:

“There are many times when our clients aren’t able to get us a fully accurate list of products, so we refer to their website as the source of truth. We use Mozenda to pull the most up-to-date product list from their website to begin our analysis.”

Success, simplified

Mozenda is designed with simplicity in mind, but web scraping is not without its challenges. Cadeo relies on Mozenda’s in-house customer support for ongoing training and assistance on mission-critical projects.

“Mozenda’s customer service department is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. They’re incredibly helpful, receptive, and friendly every time I need to call in.”

From large-scale regional market studies to targeted evaluations, Cadeo’s wide-ranging projects require powerful and consistent data sources. With the Mozenda platform, Cadeo can create and manage these sources without the need for time-consuming data entry or technical babysitting.

With web data extraction and process, automation needs taken care of, Cadeo’s team is free to do what they do best: providing actionable, hypothesis-driven insights and helping to create a brighter, more sustainable future.

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