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From small, one-time projects to high-volume weekly data feeds, we have the staff and experience to deliver. Let our team of professionals build, maintain, and host your data project. No implementation, no learning curve, no hassle. Just the data you need, the way you need it.

Mozenda Professional Services.

Mozenda services professionals have built thousands of web agents that have processed hundreds of millions of web pages. Their depth and breadth of experience is unmatched anywhere. They are proficient at solving complex problems and architecting high-volume solutions. Customers rely on Mozenda Services for critical data inputs delivered accurately and in a timely manner. Whether your next job requires a managed service or site-specific consulting, the Mozenda Services team is ready to help.

Professional Services

Our services engineers are expert at helping customers acquire specific data from the web. If your project is complex, difficult, or high volume, or if you simply don’t have the internal resources required, let Mozenda help. We can typically give you a quote right over the phone.

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Industry Data Feeds

Industry data feeds take advantage of commonly formatted data from many sources to create large data repositories.  Data feeds are highly structured, pre-formatted, and published daily to common storage locations such as FTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Dropbox.

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There is a tremendous peace of mind that goes along with knowing that a skilled group of professionals continuously review and deliver the highest quality data that serves as the basis for pricing decisions across our company.

— Andrew Marino, Revenue Manager, Large Self Storage REIT

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