Set an Agent to Request Images During Processing

May 16, 2016

When an agent is processed on Mozenda’s servers, the web pages are rendered in a browser window but no images are loaded by default. Updating an agent’s setting to request images will ensure that pictures are always loaded on web pages. This is useful for agents that download images or take screenshots of web pages.


    1. Open the Web Console.

    2. Click Agents in the top nav bar.

    3. Click to open the agent in the Web Console.

    4. Click the Tools ? menu.

    5. Click Settings.

    6. Click the Advanced tab.

    7. Check the box next to Request web page images during processing.

    8. (Optional) If you plan to capture screenshots of web pages, consider checking the box next to Maximize the browser windows during processing. Websites that adjust to the viewport size may display a mobile-friendly version with less information. Enabling this option will maximize the browser window on the server side to request a desktop-sized version of the site.

    9. Click Save.

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