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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Price Comparison Software

See also Competitor Pricing, Price Comparison Script, Web Data Extraction
  Price comparison software compares two or more lists of products and associated prices, frequently providing exact adjustments to equalize the user’s table with the target price table (within a specified range). This requires powerful data extraction software; Mozenda does this better than any other solution, because it was built with price comparison in mind.

Mozenda Makes Price Comparison Easy



Beyond Competitor Pricing

Knowing a competitor’s pricing is one thing; having a database of rich information about your competitor’s products and behavior is another. Most retailers and e-commerce vendors try to put as much information about their products online as possible. This is great for the customer, but it can sometimes expose them to their competitors. Details such as inventory levels, discounts, product turnover, new items added, new locations added, product category ASP, and many other data points can be determined by capturing the right data fields on a web page.

Use Cases

  • Customer A owns an online specialty store and uses Mozenda to collect product and pricing information on similar goods sold by competitors. Customer A also checks to see if shipping is included or is sold separately.
  • Customer B is a large multinational manufacturer who uses Mozenda to monitor pricing and product information within their distribution channels. They also use Mozenda to help enforce MAP pricing and identify un-authorized sellers.
  • Customer C uses Mozenda to collect information on the timing and frequency of competitor discounts and promotions to get insight into product line success and impact on profitability.
  • Customer D uses Mozenda to collect information on similar products and then map those products to their own products to determine a selling range for similar goods. They also use the data they collect to determine the optimal product positioning and pricing strategy.

The Mozenda Advantage

Unlike other parsing-based web scraping software, Mozenda uses browser rendering technology which allows the Mozenda application to look and behave like a web browser, but act like a web scraper. This is especially useful when capturing product attributes such as name, price, available quantity, item number, description, and so forth. With Mozenda, all you have to do is click on the values for the fields you want to capture, and the underlying text is added to your database.

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Mozenda Training Videos

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