Capture Nested Lists

March 17, 2016

A vast majority of websites structure their content using lists, and it’s very common for these lists to contain additional lists (nested lists). These steps will help you structure an agent to automatically capture nested lists along with their parent list items.


    1. Click the first element in the parent list you want to build.

    2. Click Capture List.

    3. Click a similar element further down the page. If the page has multiple columns, click an element from a different row and column than the first element (clicked in step 1).

    4. Give the field a name.

    5. Click Create Action.

    6. Confirm that the parent list items now appear in the Captured Text Preview window.

    7. Click the first element in the nested list under the first element in the parent list.

    8. Click Capture List.

    9. Click a similar element in that same child list.

    10. Give the field a name.

    11. Click Create Action.

    12. Look at the action list in the Agent Builder — in the same way the website uses a nested list structure to present information, the agent will collect data using nested Item List actions.

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