Add / Remove Processing Credits from a Department

January 20, 2017

Enterprise account users with appropriate permissions can add or remove processing credits from departments (child accounts) using the processing credit pool of the master account (parent account).

The following walkthrough assumes that you are authorized to access the master account associated with the department and to allocate processing credits. If you do not have the necessary permissions, contact your account administrator instead.


    1. Open the Web Console using your enterprise account credentials.

    2. Confirm that you are logged in to the Enterprise account (rather than a department) by clicking on the user icon and selecting Account from the dropdown.

    3. Click on the Departments tab.

    4. Check the box next to the department to/from which processing credits are to be transferred.

    5. Click More.

    6. Click Add pages or Remove pages.

    7. In the toggle box, enter the number of processing credits to be added/removed.

    8. Click Add or Remove. The action button available corresponds to the action selected in step 5.

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