December 05, 2017

Using Xpath In Mozenda

    • A street address is to a house what an XPath is to elements on a web page. Just as you can use an address to find a house, actions in the agent use an XPath to find objects (such as links, pictures, or text) in the HTML.
    • In the Agent Builder, we use a special window that makes viewing the HTML easier, called the DOM window.
    • Individual locations in the HTML (i.e., particular elements in the HTML) are represented by tags.

      Understanding HTML

      What Is Xpath?

              Xpath and Mozenda

              Xpath Example 1-Capturing Items In A Different Locations

              Xpath Example 2-Fixing Duplicated Captures

              Xpath Example 3-Capturing The “Was Price & The Sale Price”

              Xpath Example 4-Adjusting The Page List


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