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Mozenda FAQs

What is a website extractor?

A website extractor is a program that collects data from websites on the internet. Specifically, these programs collect any type of data from a website and organize it into a customizable format, which distinguishes these programs from “crawlers”.

A robust website extractor (like ours) will allow you to harvest all types of information from the web. Here are a few examples of data sets that our users have gathered with our website extractor:

  • Competitor price comparisons
  • Consumer demographics
  • Product ratings and images
  • Retail locations
  • Contact information
  • Government regulations
  • Grant opportunities
  • Social media trends
  • And more

A good website extractor doesn’t need to be difficult to operate, but it does need to be robust, customizable, and automated to get the cleanest data and the largest ROI.

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