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What is a screen scraper?

A screen scraper collects data presented on a website, visibly or in the source code. Screen scrapers are the most efficient way to collect information from the web but depend on software to extract the data from the website’s HTML. That data is then reorganized or presented to be more compatible with one’s own system preferences.

Here are the top three screen scraper options:

  1. Robust data harvesting software (like us)
  2. Building a custom screen scraper using Python
  3. Building a custom screen scraper using C#

Companies who need specific and accurate web data usually face high project costs and long timelines, including hiring a team of programmers who must continually update custom software (with Python or C#). A robust data harvesting software (like us) solves both of these problems by providing a program that requires no programming experience while running projects on high-powered harvesting servers. The number of employees required and the time needed are both drastically reduced, often to 1 person.

This is why robust data harvesting software is the most recommended screen scraping tool amongst businesses. For example, our user-friendly platform allows users to operate Mozenda without programming experience while also allowing users to identify target-text by its location on the page.

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