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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Website Content Ripper

See also Web Content Extractor, Scraper, Web Data Scraping
  Ripping is a process by which digital content is copied from one source to another. A site ripper is a mechanism for pulling content from servers and web sites where it is housed on the world wide web.

Use Mozenda’s scraper tool to rip any website data and put it in a usable format.



The web is the best place to obtain information, because it is generally the most up-to-date. The purpose of ripping data from web content is to get ahead of competitors, or learn about the world as it is right now. Because the data on the web is so unorganized or different from place to place, it’s hard to compare what you find on the internet to your own data, or to other data sources. Hiring personnel to organize this data is expensive and time-consuming; you need software that organizes this for you, and perhaps even a little mapping. Mozenda does this better than anyone, with user-friendly features and a point-and-click interface.


Common use-cases when ripping data from web content include business intelligence, price comparison or mapping, data monitoring, and mashups to name a few. Screen-scraping software is also being used aggressively in Big Data implementations to augment certain external data gathering requirements which demand high volumes of web data to be processed and analyzed on scheduled intervals.

Why Mozenda?

Mozenda has the right tools and the tech support staff you need to eliminate front-end delays and get data now. For many companies, Mozenda is the key to strategic planning. They use our tool to extract detailed data in-context, and map it to their own information. When our customers get bigger, they don’t need to implement new solutions, or waste time changing systems. Mozenda can scale as big as you can. Ease of use, versatility, speed, performance. Mozenda is all the right stuff.

The Mozenda Advantage

The Internet has connected the world with information. What we can instantly search for and find, in previous generations may have involved trips to library and record archives, phone calls, and possibly travel. We are indeed very fortunate. However, sometimes the quantity of information is overwhelming. Data scraping software can help you as individual and also businesses. Data scraping is the process in which certain websites are routinely scanned for information. Then you can review the compiled information in one streamlined report, instead of incessantly digging through search engine results.


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