Use a File to Enter a List of Values into a Text Box

December 18, 2015

Some websites require text input in order to show the data you’re looking for. Mozenda supports using a spreadsheet (CSV format) as a list of inputs to automate this process. This walkthrough will help you load a spreadsheet as an input source and gather the resulting data.

In order to be used in the agent as an input source, the spreadsheet or list must meet the following requirements:

  • The spreadsheet or list must already be downloaded or saved on your computer.
  • It must be a .csv file type.
  • The file name and the field headers can only contain letters, numbers, spaces, or hyphens.


    1. Click the text box that you want to populate with data from your spreadsheet.

    2. Click Create an Input List.

    3. Click Import File.

    4. Click Browse, select the .csv file from your computer.

    5. Click Open.

    6. If your file contains column headers in the first row, check the “The first row in this file contains field names” box.

    7. Click Import.

    8. Click Create Collection.

    9. Click the column from the spreadsheet that contains the data you will use in the search or text box.

    10. Click OK.


Confirm that you see your input list action in the left panel, and the first item from the input spreadsheet in the text box on the webpage. If the input list was created on Page 1 and you used a Click item to press the “Search” button, then the search results for each search will generally appear on page two (unless this website loads the results onto the same page you searched on without loading a new page). To scrape the results from each search, build your actions on Page 2.

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