Switching an Agent from Using the IE Engine to the Chromium Engine

April 08, 2019

While the Mozenda 7 (Beta) Agent Builder will allow you to build all future agents on the new Chromium engine, all prior agents will still be running on our previous IE engine when ran in the Web Console. To learn more about Mozenda 7 (Beta) or to enable the new Agent Builder, go here

To alter an agent so that it will run on Chromium in the Web Console instead of IE, follow these steps:


    1. Open the Mozenda 7 (Beta) Agent Builder.

    2. Open the agent you want to change. 

    3. Go to File.

    4. Click Save (save this agent over the current version that is in your Web Console).


Now, the agent will officially be running on the Chromium engine when ran in the Web Console. Take these same steps to change an agent from Chromium to IE, if needed.

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