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January 27, 2016

This tutorial requires that you already have an Item List action. For instructions, go to Capture a List of Items.

Some websites will not load content on a page until the user has scrolled to the bottom (often referred to as “lazy loading”), which can cause problems if the agent is not set to navigate down to that point. These steps will help you edit a list action to scroll down to load more items, pause, capture additional items, and repeat until the full list is captured.


    1. Click Begin Item List from the actions list.

    2. Click Add Page List from the toolbar.

    3. Check the “The new List Pager will use a scroll bar” box.

    4. If the scroll bar used to show additional items navigates the main page, click Yes. If it is for a window within the page rather than the main page, click No.

    5. Test the agent by clicking Test Agent, then Start. Because every website works differently, it’s important to test the agent to make sure the default scrolling list pager is compatible with the website. It’s a good idea at this point to set the scrolling Page List action to Wait for AJAX.

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