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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Screen Scraping Software

See also Screen Scrape, Screen Scraper, ASP Screen Scraping, PHP Screen Scrape


Screen scraping software is computer software, usually operated from the desktop, that allows a user to automate the process users would normally go through to obtain information from a particular website manually. This automation frequently mimics way a user operates the browser.


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The purpose of screen scraping software is to simulate the human browsing experience by replicating computer commands to browse, search, navigate, and ultimately extract specific data fields from a
web page. The benefit and value of web scraping lies in the automation of the data collection and the transformation of the data itself from an unstructured format to a structured format such as
CSV, TSV, or XML where it can be uploaded, stored and analyzed.

Mozenda gives you the tools to scrape web content from any website.

The objective with screen scraping software is to quickly and efficiently harvest information from a wide range of sources. Often this is complicated by the various ways in which the data is preserved. Ultimately, there is a need to parse and present the gathered information in a format that makes it useful to the enduser. Most importantly is the ability to select those things on the web pages that you want to extract and then in an automated fashion extract them with the least amount of effort.

Mozenda’s tools employ a familiar User Interface that allows you to perform point and click functions much like a regular web browser to set up the Web Agent or robot that performs the extraction. Where most companies require complicated programming to set up these agents, Mozenda only requires a typical understanding of how to surf the web. Also, unlike many screen scraping software solutions, Mozenda is hosted which allows us to lower the overall cost for anyone looking to perform screen scraping jobs.


Common uses of web scraping include such things as intelligence gathering, price comparing, list building, data monitoring, competitive research, and mashups to name a few. Web scraping is also now being used aggressively for Business Intelligence purposes and in Big Data implementations to augment certain external data gathering requirements which demand high volumes of web data to be processed and analyzed on scheduled intervals.


Mozenda Training Videos


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Play Button Capture Text 0:43
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Play Button Schedule an Agent to Run Regularly 1:08
Play Button Combine the Contents of Two Fields 1:16


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