Run an Agent on a Schedule

January 11, 2016

Unlike other scraping utilities that run exclusively on a local machine, Mozenda runs in the cloud and agents can be scheduled to execute at any time. Follow these steps to set your agent on either a one-time or regular schedule.


    1. Open the Web Console.

    2. Click the Agents tab.

    3. Click the desired agent.

    4. Open the Tools ? menu.

    5. Click Scheduling.

    6. Choose the desired frequency type from the left panel in the window that appears.

    7. Configure the main settings that appear in the body of the window. Depending on the frequency type, you can modify the way the agent repeats. The options change from one frequency type to another.

    8. Click Save.



Did you also want to set the agent to publish the data it scraped when it’s finished?

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