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Premium Web Harvesting – Geolocation and Agent Builder Support

April 07, 2017

Premium harvesting is now live.

As our recent feature preview explained, premium web harvesting is an expansion of anonymous processing.

What’s New

Here’s a breakdown of the new details and features:

Standardized Page Credit Usage

Agents using premium harvesting will use three (3) processing credits per page.


Agents using premium harvesting are assigned to access websites through a different geographical location (33 total as of this writing), which is useful for websites that serve region-specific data.

To use geolocation for an agent, log in to the Web Console and open the agent’s harvesting settings. Enable premium harvesting using the first dropdown menu then select the desired location in the second dropdown. The default setting is NorthAmerica (Region).

web harvesting

Agent Builder Support

The Agent Builder also includes the option to enable/disable geolocation. When set to On the website will be loaded using the selected location, while Off loads the website directly through the Agent Builder (the agent will still use the specified geolocation when it runs).


Additional Notes

Agents configured to use anonymous processing will be automatically changed over to premium harvesting, which offers the same functionality plus the features listed above. These agents will default to the NorthAmerica (Region) location, which can be changed as needed.

Due to the new geolocation features, web page loading may be delayed slightly. Because web content is accessed through another location and then loaded in the Agent Builder, you may need to add or increase wait times between actions to prevent errors.

If you have any issues seeing the new changes in the Web Console, it may be necessary to force refresh the page (Ctrl + F5) or clear your browser’s cached files (Ctrl + Shift + Del). The latter shortcut often defaults to clearing all your browser’s information, so make sure to leave your passwords, form data, download history, and anything else you’d like to keep by unchecking the appropriate boxes before applying changes.

Feedback and Support

These new features will make it even easier and faster to collect the data you need with Mozenda.

If you run into any trouble using these new features or have questions, contact Mozenda support today at or by calling +1.801.995.4550, option 2. We will also be holding a webinar on Thursday, April 13, at 9 a.m. MDT, to demonstrate premium harvesting and answer your questions. Click here to register.

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