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Mozenda Subscription Plan Details

1. Billing

Monthly Subscription plans are billed automatically each month and can be cancelled at any time. No refunds will be given for failure to cancel account before bill date.

2. Processing Credits

Processing Credits are the unit of measure that Mozenda uses to account for system usage and billing. A Processing Credit is any individual request to a website to load a web-page or any new portion of a web page, necessary for an agent to complete navigation, downloading, document converting, or any other form of data gathering.  Processing credits accrue at different rates based on the activity being performed (more below…). Processing credits are non-refundable/transferable, and can be used as long as your account is active. Unused subscription Processing Credits roll over to subsequent months. Any remaining Processing Credits in an account at time of closure will be forfeited.

3. Processing Credit Purchases

Each Subscription Plan comes with a fixed number of Processing Credits included in the monthly plan price. Additional Processing Credits may be purchased at the following rates: Professional Single User:  Processing Credit Pricing = 5,000 – $100 / 20,000 – $200 Professional Multi User:  Processing Credit =  25,000 – $150/ 100,000 – $350

4. Users

A Mozenda user is a single individual with a unique email address. Subscription accounts are limited to a single User for the Individual account and two (2) Users for the Professional account.

5. Storage

Each Subscription account comes with an included storage limit, (1GB for Individual and 5GB for Professional). Storage used over the limit will accrue at a rate of $10 / per 1GB. Storage fees are calculated based on peak storage during the month.

6. Agents

An Agent is a web-scraping program that is created and defined using the Mozenda Agent Builder software. You will typically create one or more Agents for each website you choose to collect information from. Subscription accounts limit the number of Agents that can be created in an account, (i.e. 10 Agents for an Individual account and 50 Agents for a Professional account)

7. Premium Harvesting

Mozenda provides premium harvesting services to its customers for a fee. Agents that extract data with premium harvesting use processing credits at a higher rate. The following fee schedule applies: Standard Harvesting = 1 Processing Credit per page Premium Harvesting = 3 Processing Credits per page Search and Social Media sites = Call for feasibility (801-995-4550)

8. Image & File Downloads

Mozenda users can download files and images from the web for a fee. (Note: Image and File Downloads accrue storage in your account. Please check your storage limits frequently when downloading images and files.) 1 Image Download = 2 Processing Credits 1 File Download = 4 Processing Credits

9. Document Extraction

Popular documents such as PDF, Word, Excel and other standard documents types can be extracted using the Mozenda software. Additional fees apply for document extraction: 1 Document = 4 Processing Credits to download and translate + 2 Processing Credits per page extracted

10. Concurrent Jobs

When an Agent runs in Mozenda’s cloud it is called a “Job”. Subscription accounts allow the User to run more than one job at the same time. Individual accounts allow for 2 Concurrent Jobs while the Professional account allows for 5 Concurrent Jobs.

11. Software Limitations

Although Mozenda is highly successful at extracting data from most web pages, Mozenda does not currently guarantee the extraction of data from search engine domains, some popular social media websites, Flash video sites, and other locked, restricted, or protected websites. Additionally, due to the way Mozenda renders pages, Mozenda is not compatible with certain operating systems, such as Mac OS X and Linux.

12. Consulting Services

In addition to standard support provided for free, Mozenda can provide site specific consulting services for a fee. Please contact sales@mozenda.com to learn more about.

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